Skid Row II by Lee Jeffries

by Denis on January 4, 2012

Lee Jeffries began his career as a sports photographer in Manchester. Following an encounter with a homeless girl living in the streets of London, he decided to make a series of raw portraits of homeless in black and white. The result is absolutely stunning and compelling.

The strength of Jeffries’ work lays in his ability to make his subjects both timeless and out of this world. His portraits speak volumes. A story unfolds. It is no longer possible for the viewer to remain indifferent. The photograph becomes a document which narrates misery, injustice and suffering.

Jeffries was just announced as the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year and you can read more about him at the Independent.

Skid Row II is available as a limited edition print in two sizes:
* 60 x 60cm / Edition: 500 / 325,00 €
* 100 x 100cm / Edition: 150 / 735,00 €

This image is printed on silver photographic paper. The prints are numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. You can purchase Skid Row II from Yellow Korner.


by Denis on January 4, 2012

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