We are photography enthusiasts. We use this blog to share images that we love and which are available as limited edition prints.

Should you wish to submit one of your prints to be featured on our blog, we kindly ask you to please follow these guidelines:
1. Your submissions should be sent to: info (at) vanscaramouche (dot) com.
2. Images should be at least 640px wide and we ask to receive them as jpg files.
3. We need a link to your online store or precise instructions as to how one should go about purchasing prints from you.
4. We need to receive the following information for each print you submit:

  • Signed: yes / no
  • Numbered: yes / no
  • Printing technique: C-Print, Digital C-Print, Inkjet, etc.
  • Type of paper: Brand of paper
  • Paper texture: Matte, Glossy, etc.
  • Edition: Quantity of prints in the edition
  • Image Size: Dimensions in inches or centimeters
  • Paper Size: Dimensions in inches or centimeters
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity: yes / no
  • Price: Amount and in which currency
    1. 5. Finally, we need a link to your website where we will find the necessary information about you.

      Even if all the above requirements are met, please note that we may choose not to publish your images and information. Please do not be offended, it just may be that we are incompetent and have bad taste to start with.

      By featuring your works, we hope to send some traffic and sales your way. It should be noted, we do not ask for any type of payment and/or commission to be featured on our site.

      by Denis on July 31, 2010

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